Amazing Islands in the World

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Island is always more attractive to travel than mainland. Perhaps this is simply due to its beautiful beaches, or its piece of land which is surrounded by water.
Here are the 100 beautiful islands found on earth, pick one & plan for your holiday.

**** Imp: App best viewed in Landscape mode ****

App Features:

*** No Wi-Fi or Data Connection is required to view the photos.
*** Fully Compatible to IPAD, IPhone and IPod touch.
*** Contains 100 Islands around the world and 1000 plus photos.
*** Each Place having bunch of images and easy to navigate between the photos.
*** Very fast accessing between the images
*** Zoom, Pan and drag to any Image.
*** Download and save any Image without any hesitation.
*** Can view the location on the Map.
*** Each has some Description about that location.
*** Jump to any location by clicking from the list.

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